Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Digital Strips noted some days ago that Zoinks!, the webcomic magazine helmed by Bill Charbonneau, is returning to print (yes, it’s a print magazine) in October and is accepting submissions.

Joey Manley has updated the Webcomics Nation website with descriptions of its features. For those of us that has been keeping an eye on the forums there seems to be no completely new features announced. But does anyone know if WCN’s business strategy is completely reliant on advertising now or are there some kind of premium accounts?

UPDATE:Joey Manley has commented in this post clarifying the business strategy of WCN.

A blog by the name of Ponderance has interviewed both John Allison and Jeph Jacques. The questions cover both their webcomic businesses and interaction with their readership. Interesting stuff.

Penny Arcade has made another line of limited edition prints. 250 were sold at Comicon and 500 were available through their ThinkGeek store. The previous set of prints sold out in under eight hours and some later appeared on eBay. The second set became available through the store yesterday and sold out in under two hours. Each print was priced at 80 USD.



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  1. I think there’s a misunderstanding, no doubt caused by that dreaded Washington Post article.

    WCN is not an advertising play on my part *at all.* We won’t be placing ads on anybody’s content and profiting that way. Categorically no.

    But here’s the thing: you can place ads on your own content, if you are a WCN cartoonist — but you, yourself, keep all the money.

    So, yes, I believe there’s money to be made by selling ads on WCN pages — and I believe it’s appropriate for the cartoonists themselves, not me, to make that money.

    That said, WCN will cost a little bit of money for cartoonists to use. Less than most regular, vanilla, nothing-special web hosting accounts. That’s the business model: it’s a service that you pay for, just like Kinko’s offers services you pay for, or the Post Office offers services you pay for. WCN will cost a very little bit of money. A very, teensy, itty-bitty little bit of money. The current beta testers, who have free accounts now, are the only people who will ever have free accounts.

    The amount of money that WCN will cost will be significantly less than the amount of money that some cartoonists lose (and by “lose” I mean, “money their content makes for somebody else, that the cartoonist never actually sees, and possibly is never even told about”) using the, um, “free” services.

    Hope that helps!


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