Sheffield Wednesday In The House!

This week’s series of news updates brought to you by Increasingly Odd References. Increasingly Odd References – we make the things that make you go, eh.

In blogland, there’s a great post here with two interviews: one with John Allison of Scary Go Round and the other with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. Elsewhere, Srdjan has a lengthy review of Darken. Finally, check out the recent post from Occultatio where he checks in on Loserz, Schlock Mercenary and Bob The Angry Flower. (Speaking of BTAF, fans should check out Notley’s annotated archives and examples of his other webcomic PopStrip at his site.)

Also, this is a bit odd – Drawn! blog points us to a scan of a strip where Charlie Brown and Lucy from Peanuts take a tour of a newspaper plant.

Whoa – Scott Kurtz getting spat on at Comicon? It was those dastardly Warp 9 To Hell guys! (W9TH also has a funny couple of strips on a webcomic Family Feud)


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