Melonpool Finale

After eight years on the Internet, Steve Troop’s webcomic, Melonpool, is reaching its finale. The regular updates are expected to stop at some point “in mid-June” (the characters are currently saying their goodbyes). Mr. Troop mentions that this is not an end to all things Melonpool, however. Not only is the possibility of returning to the comic left open (but only after “a year or so”), no fewer than two mysterious Melonpool projects are currently underway.

In addition to the eight years of the cast’s misadventures on the Web, most of the Melonpool family have existed in sketches and drawings since 1983. Although the strip was expected to continue for another year, Troop claims his heart is no longer fully dedicated to the webcomic and is shifting his creative energies to other projects. All the uncollected storylines (including the current “Goodnight G.R.A.I.S.E.-ie”) will be included in a fifth Melonpool book.