Midnight Macabre resumes!

In case it hasn’t been reported on Comixpedia ComixTalk yet, Randy Milholland of Something Positive has recently begun publishing new content on his second comic, Midnight Macabre. Currently, he is publishing strips Monday through Friday – and occasionally more often until he finishes catching up on back content.

Midnight Macabre follows the story of comedian Gaspar Baugh as he follows in the footsteps of a beloved deceased TV monster matinee host and simultaneously tries to be a good father to his daughter Lisa. Milholland says he is doing the strip "mainly for my father," but also because he himself has missed it.

Both Baugh and his daughter have appeared in Something Positive. However, as Midnight Macabre takes place in 1981 while SP takes place in the present day, Milholland says there will be no crossovers between the two comics, although there may be a few cameos.