Mikhaela’s News Blog On Comixpedia Review of The Boiling Point

Mikhaela’s News Blog catches the review of her political comic The Boiling Point reviewed in week 1 of the October issue here at Comixpedia.

I think her dad thought I was unfair. He makes a good point which is that it’s a hard game to break into and the fact that she’s getting papers to run the comic is a sign that editors are impressed with her work.

I do think she has a lot of potential and I doubt I would have her on my list of comics to get to in October if I didn’t think she’s doing good work. But as former Reviews Uber-guru Damonk would say, Comixpedia reviews are meant to give the readers a sense of what to expect from the comic reviewed. In that sense I think the review is a fair snapshot of what’s she published on the web to date.


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