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Webcomics NationJoey Manley announced that WebcomicsNation now offers a free service offering the same core functionality as the pay service. Leaving business issues aside, I think this is a great thing as the WebcomicsNation tool set is very useful. Scanning reactions to this I noticed Journalista! today praised the move, but found this quote curious: "I mention all of this because of the potential for this initiative to create the one thing that webcomics have pretty much lacked up until now: a central gathering point." What Dirk is describing is Big Panda circa 1999, Keenspot/space circa 2001. They were the online gathering points. What happened? Webcomics got bigger.

Gabe posted the cover to the forthcoming Penny Arcade book, "Birds Are Weird" (along with some of the preliminary sketchwork).

Basic Instinct By Scott MeyerBasic Instructions by Scott Meyer is pretty funny (sort of a non-political Tom The Dancing Bug). There was a Digg entry for it recently. It only got 3 Diggs and so it didn't make the front page (most comics don't get "dugg" much from what I've seen) but Google picked up the entry for it (presumably because has a great page rank in the Google algorithm). So there might be a value to posting to Digg even without much hope of making the front page of Digg.




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