Your Tuesday Webcomic Horn-O-Plenty


  • I finally got a copy of Zoinks! – the webcomics zine from publisher Bill Charbonneau (Largely this is my fault as I never asked for one before). The latest issue has a blurb on this year's Fright Night 8 (of which the logo looks decent on paper despite not being optimized for print). The latest news is that Zoinks! is postponing its next issue until April 2007. I don't know the reasons for that, but I can sympathize with how hard it is to keep any kind of zine/blog/magazine/website about webcomics running over the long haul. (It's hard!) Also, I'll try to write a bit about Zoinks itself soon.
  • I may have linked to this before, but in part b/c of some of my own projects I had L33T-speak on the brain. Writer Response Theory reviewed a couple of books written in, if not exactly L33t-lingo, it's close cousin, Text Message-text. My own sense is that treating this as a legitimate dialect is fundamentally flawed as it is probably already well into self-parody status and therefore is probably best used only for parody or other humorous purposes. Thoughts from you?




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