Monday Morning News Update

There was a spot of trouble this morning with the site but it should be resolved now. I think it was due to an external feed Comixpedia was using for webcomic updates (I’ve since turned that back off).

Also just as an experiment, I’ve added a box showing the most recent updates from Talkaboutcomics (which features updates from creators on the Modern Tales websites). If you have a suggestion for a similar feature to add feel free to email us.

Hey now – how about some webcomic news? Read on fair readers…

Ninth Art writes about Stan Lee’s successful lawsuit to share in the profits of Marvel licensed movies. Digital Strips blog also reminds me that Stan Lee has a webcomic thing going on at Komikwerks. Really all Stan needs is to show up in PvP’s ongoing Marvel vs. City of Heroes storyline.

The Comicon webcomic review club has been writing about Van Von Hunter and this week turns to Pathetic Geek Stories. Lots of reviews of lots of webcomics in the archives of this group.

Last but not least, Jeff Rowland, is auctioning off an original Rowland painting.


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