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Hey ya’ll – go read Week 2 of Comixpedia’s October Issue!

And today’s news includes: Paul Taylor, creator of Wapsi Square, reports on his recent appearance as a guest at Fallcon.

Great interview with Roger Langridge at The Comics Reporter.

The Comics Reporter also has the scoop on a NY Times article about a new collection of Little Nemo strips. The amazing thing about this collection is the effort to restore and publish the strips in the original size. The official site for the new book is here.

The Xen podcast has an interview with Rich Burlew of The Giant in the Playground.

This is interesting: “jEFF” is blogging about starting a new webcomic. (jEFF’s profile includes: “In my spare time I train for endurance sports and create comics.” He may be the fittest cartoonist alive…) The webcomic-to-be is a sci-fi story called Reign of Fear.

Finally, Watara, creator of the webcomic Skookum!, posts a picture of the webcomic artist’s dream studio.


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  1. >The Xen podcast has an interview with Rich Burlew of The Giant in the Playground.

    Xen here.

    I just wanted to clarify, I did not interview Rich Burlew in Episode #10. I wanted to give some time in my show to his Web Comic, The Order of the Stick, because I enjoy it so much. Please do check it out as its truely hilarious!!

    I did not want readers to be disappointed if they listened to the show expecting to hear from Rich Burlew. However, perhaps one day I can chase him down and actually GET that interview! Its a great idea!

    Anyway, thanks fo the listen! Everyone is welcome to subscribe to the show!
    Host of The Xen Show Podcast

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