Webcomics vs The Man

Earlier this week, there was a bit of a dispute between Penny Arcade and attorney Jack Thompson about Jack’s offer to pay ten thousand dollars to any game company who would make and release his game about the brutal murder of people in the gaming industry. When someone did, Jack said that the offer was merely satire, and he did not intend to make the donation.

The Penny Arcade boys decided to be the better men, and with nothing more than a brief mention buried beneath their latest news post, made the 10,000 dollar donation themselves, in Jack’s name. That’s class.

Welton Colbert’s experience with Jack Thompson, however, was handled with decidedly less class.

Ryan Estrada


  1. Man, this Jack guy makes us fellows with the last name of Thompson look like complete dicks. If I took after the wild west Ben Thompson of the 1880s, I’d probably have some mixed words with him. That won’t happen, of course, as I seem to take after all the other Ben Thompsons out there who are into art. I swear, Google led me to 11 of ’em once without really trying

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