Monday News In Progress

Over the weekend, I compiled a list of interesting videos related to comics – you might be interested in checking some of them out. 

Gary Chaloner announces that his webcomic, John Law is going to daily updates

Dorothy Gambrell has a Cat and Girl book coming out.  You can order it here.  Dorothy also posts "four cartoons rejected by the New Yorker."  I don’t get the New Yorker anymore (read it online but…) but Gambrell’s sensibility is perfect for that magazine.

A new site with an interesting twist on wikidom: Wiki How-ToHere’s a link to a how-to on painting. 

From Ninth Art, Andrew Wheeler complains about Marvel’s "conservatism" and Bulent Yusuf names the nine comics that shaped his love for comics. As long as we’ve brought up Marvel here’s a funny blog post on "Marvel’s 50 Best Characters." The list is arguably accurate but the accompanying snark-filled descriptions are priceless.

The Comics Interpreter is an infrequently published, but intelligent magazine about comics.  It now has a podcast – might be worth checking out. 

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