More Information on Comic Awareness Week

Losttoy didn’t like the way his original post on Comic Awareness Week was edited. Far be it for me to offend one of our loyal readers. Click read more to read, unedited!, the post Losttoy just sent to me concerning the events of Comic Awareness Week:

Comic Awareness Week is two (2) events. The first is “The Tour”, running from June 27th to July 2nd. “The Tour” is a series of presentations at libraries, schools, retailers and more, in which a presenter will done a little 1-2 hour talk about What are Comics, Dispelling the Myths, The History of Comics, The Value of Comics as Art, Literature and Learning, How to Make Comics, Comics Innovation Here and Abroad as well as other activities. These presentations can be made anywhere by anybody (not just at LCC). We will provide packages for presenters anywhere in the world to use as an outline for their own presentations in their local communities. So while this is starting in Michigan, we hope to grow to a national or even international level.

July 3rd is the Comic Awareness Festival at LCC campus. Only the festival on the 3rd will feature events on the LCC campus including guest speakers from various branches of the comics industry, such as artists, publishers and non-profit comic organizations. As well, there are other activities that were edited out including demonstrations, displays, movies, artists and publisher tables and more.

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