My Plea For Hand-Lettering (Part 1)

Cartoonist, writer and two-fisted King of the Hoboes, Calamity Jon Morris offers a plea for hand-lettering in this hand-lettered webcomic.1

1 PriceWaterhouseCoopers has tabulated all of the votes and reports that the following webcomic is indeed, hand-lettered.


Jon Morris is the creator of the heartwarming and stomach-churning Ignatz-nominated webcomic about Doctor Frakenstein's youngest son, Jeremy: Just Turned Nine. He also has a collection of short and one-panel strips at Open Book, and collaborated on BOO!: Halloween Stories.



  1. i too prefer hand-lettering in a comic.

    love the art too!

  2. Doesn't scene matter at all? I mean, not one of these panels shows a room, or location. Doesn't that make your panels generic? Why is scene less important than lettering?

  3. C'mon, this is a comic about lettering.

    Your comment is about the same as listening to a physics lecture and complaining that it didn't teach you how to make a fruit salad.


    Xaviar Xerexes

    On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

  4. …that you can actually letter with your hands! Sounds awfully messy. I always thought there were pens involved somehow. ;-P

    The computer, like any tool, will be used differently in the hands of different people. There’s good and bad digital lettering just like there’s good and bad hand…er, pen lettering, you know.


  5. OH MAN LOTS OF COMMENTS!Thanks for reading and for giving our thoughts on this, folks – I'm currently on vacation and writing this response from a Burger King near the Empire State Building, and don't really have the time to reply to everyone just yet, but I'll be sure to when I get back home. Thanks again for getting a conversation going about this!



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