Guest Gigs for Favorite Frankensteins

Jeremy: Just Turned Nine has been facing more than its share of deadline crises as of late. Creator and well-known oafish buffoon Jon Morris was reported to accredit the delays to “Get off my lawn, you sonsabitches. I will hit you with this bottle.” Added the one-time Ignatz nominee “I usedta be a dancer.”

Since the deadline worries for the five-year old strip show no sign of abating in the immediate future, Jon is making an open request for guest strips from the webcomic community. Continue Reading


Your Favorite Frankenstein Rises Again!

See that little guy in the avatar to your right, there? Well, he’s back!

After a year-long hiatus (excepting a brief comic-book appearance last Halloween), Jon Morris’ nine-year old conglomerate of criminal corpse parts, Jeremy, returns to the web with an all-new weekly series of strips.

New strips have been running since the beginning of February, so there are a coupla to catch up on already. Continue Reading