Guest Gigs for Favorite Frankensteins

Jeremy: Just Turned Nine has been facing more than its share of deadline crises as of late. Creator and well-known oafish buffoon Jon Morris was reported to accredit the delays to “Get off my lawn, you sonsabitches. I will hit you with this bottle.” Added the one-time Ignatz nominee “I usedta be a dancer.”

Since the deadline worries for the five-year old strip show no sign of abating in the immediate future, Jon is making an open request for guest strips from the webcomic community.

Not all submission will necessarily be run, but all comers are welcome to submit and all help is greatly appreciated. Guest strips will be run as they come in. There is no concrete deadline, but Jeremy is anticipated to be running late through the middle of April, so any submissions made before then will be particularly timely.

Please direct all questions or submissions to