New Comics by the Marvelous Patric!!!

In a move that surprised no one and also meant that all could very well be right with the world again, the Marvelous Patric would like to announce that his amazingly great comic, Aces High returns this week at Graphic Smash.

“Sure, GS and all of ModernTales went down for a bit. One can only assume it was because the entire system simply could not handle the volume of traffic my comics get,” said the ego-maniacal Marvelous Patric.

Aces High is a super-hero comic about a hero who’s super power is being cool. Mysteries abound throughout the comic, which is close to the end of it’s second season. In the first season, the title character died, only to possibly have come back to life with all new powers and abilities a year later in season two. As season two wraps up, we learn more about this new Ace and his new abilities.

The Marvelous Patric would also like to remind everyone of his new hit comic My New Job every Sunday as well as his on-going super-duper-mega-huge smash hit daily strip, Freaks N Squeeks.