New Line-up at GirlAMatic!

The harvest is in and GirlAMatic has come away with a bountiful bushel of talent! We are celebrating the debut of no less than SEVEN shiny new series and the return of TWO old favorites!Â


In the subscription-based Salon we have:

-The Blackwater Tales, a series full of intrigue and roguery by the divine Pippa Carter.  Â


In the Café we are pleased to announce:

-Compass, a treasure hunting, world hopping adventure by the splendiferous Traci Spencer.Â

-Galaxion moves from print to web after a long hiatus with its much-beloved creator Tara Tallen!Â

-Iceheart, a dark fairy tale of love, betrayal, and adventure, is brought to us by the dazzling sisters Pancha and Elena Diaz.Â

-Shrub Monkeys is a nigh-autobiographical farce by the sassy-miss Kt Shy.Â

-Unicorn Campaign is a series about a race to catch a rare unicorn, and more, by the ambrosial Rachel Moore.Â

-Voyage Moyen is a journey of life, death and everything in between, by the exquisite Michelle Mauk.


Returning to GAM to be featured in the Café are:

-Kismet: Hunter’s Moon by the incomparable Layla Lawlor.


-Spades by the scintillating Diana McQueen.


It’s all fresh and fair for the reading. Come sample our wares!