Niedojadlo Looking for Co-Writer

Got this from Rob who did the April cover for Comixpedia:

Rob Niedojadlo, creator of the FunnyBone Comics’ web comic “The Fray”, is currently looking for a co-writer for his new work in progress called “All Ears”. The goal of this traditional-style comic strip is syndication and requires a co-writer serious about helping this concept become a reality.

“All Ears” is a light-hearted comic that focuses on a central character (a rabbit) working as a support group leader for an unlikely cast of supporting characters with various phobias and social issues. While this simple, easy-going therapist offers guidance to his patients, much to his surprise, the therapeutic process with the group often leads him to discover unorthodox approaches to solving the problems he hides beneath his composed exterior.

For those interested in more details about the co-writer position for “All Ears” and how to apply, please visit


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