Nothing Better is Online

Nothing Better is now online and updating every weekday at

Nothing Better is the story of odd-couple college roommates Katt and Jane. Katt is an atheist attending a Lutheran college because it has a good art program, while Jane, the pseudo-Christian, is beginning to question her beliefs for the first time. This is a story about life in college: friends, parties, late night talks, love, sex, pizza, tests, bad cafeteria food and figuring out who you are. It’s the best time of your life… or is it?”

The entire first and second issues are readable for FREE (that’s 51 pages!) to get everyone right into the story. Today the first page of the third issue went live.

You can follow the story for free if you read every day – the current day’s page is free and archived pages are available for a $1.95/month subscription.

Subscribers will receive the following stuff:

-an exclusive signed fine art print

-signed copies of the print versions of issues #1 and #2.

-a signed sketch


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