Odd Jobs celebrates third anniversary, creator joins Mystery Writers of America

This month, Tim Broderick celebrated the third anniversary of publishing the mystery webcomic Odd Jobs online by joining the Mystery Writers of America.

“I like to set modest goals for myself, mainly focusing on growing as a creator, as a writer. Joining the MWA will help with that,” said Broderick.

Broderick may be the first webcartoonist to do this. And although anyone can join MWA, only published professionals are given the status of full Active membership.

“Moderntales is the reason for that,” he said. “Without being part of a successful venture like MT, I may not have been ready to take this step. And, of course, I wouldn’t have been voted in as Active by the board if Moderntales had been anything less than a serious business.”

Broderick said he is looking forward to getting involved with the local Midwest chapter.

“The chapter is very active, holding monthly meetings with speakers on various topics and organizing a one-day convention each year,” he said.

Among other benefits is a private, moderated newsgroup where members can compare notes on any issue concerning the mystery field. “I’ve already seen some interesting answers to forensics questions,” Broderick said.

“Being an Active member is a great compliment,” he said. “But access to the community of writers is really important. It’s a great resource.”

“Odd Jobs” updates twice weekly (Mondays and Wednesdays). Like most of the comics on ModernTales.com, the latest installment can be viewed freely by all. But those who want access to the full story, and to other special features, must subscribe to the site. Paying the subscription price of 2.95/month or $29.95/year allows a subscriber to read the archives of all 32 of the constantly-updating series on Modern Tales, as well as numerous special features, including a vast library of online graphic novels in the section of the site called “Modern Tales Longplay.”

Modern Tales launched a little over a year ago — on March 2, 2002 – and is now the acknowledged leader of fee-based webcomics, with thousands of paying subscribers, and tens of thousands of daily readers.

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  1. Has it been three years already?! Wow!

    Congrats Tim

  2. Congrats again Tim! Three years a GREAT start, right? ha ha. The Mystery Writer’s thing is even more awesome, I hope you really enjoy it.

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