Future of Comics

Years ago, while I was discussing the idea of going behind the subscription wall at Moderntales.com, I happened to make a point that – when considering the future of cartooning – still resonates today.

You will always be able to find comics to read (for free on the internet), but unless there’s some way to adequately compensate specific creators for their work, those specific creators will not continue to produce that specific work.

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The Road Less Traveled: Selling the Book

Most people, like me, are not very good at selling things.

But according to what I’ve learned, there’s really only one true thing about selling your book: You have to do it –  one on one, one at a time.

Unless you’re John Grisham, you’re not going to get a marketing budget, a promotional manager or personal assistant. You’ll have to do it all on your own.

First things first – you’ve got to track your money. Only you know how much it makes sense to spend on things like conventions or advertisements, but to know that you have to have hard data. That means get in the habit of saving your receipts and maybe even setting a budget. Purchase a financial program. But know how much you’re spending – you can use that knowledge to test what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s where you’ll spend that money:


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Odd Jobs Story Now Available In Paperback

“Something to Build Upon,” the second mystery/graphic novel by Tim Broderick, is now available in paperback.

“Something to Build Upon” is from Broderick’s webcomic series, Odd Jobs, which is currently published online by the subscription webcomic site Moderntales.com. Broderick’s third story for Odd Jobs–“Cash & Carry”, updates every Monday and Wednesday at both Moderntales.com and Thrillingdetective.com. The latest page is always available for free, but to read the entire story so far, you need to subscribe to Moderntales.com. Continue Reading


Experience Required

A few years ago, I got tricked on a message board.

Someone posted a question attributed to Edgar Allen Poe asking whether writers need to know their topic. I weighed in that, yes, writers need to do their research or readers will not buy into their stories.

Later, it was pointed out that Poe was out to prove that, no, you don’t need to have intimate experience of something to write about it and promptly described how it would feel to die from hanging – obviously something he hadn’t experienced first-hand.

I didn’t have a reply to that then, but I do now:

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Moderntales mystery graphic novel begins Monday!

Monday, February 24, the new David DiAngelo/Odd Jobs mystery begins at Moderntales.com!

In "Cash & Carry," DiAngelo takes a courier job that quickly goes wrong. He’s forced to go on the road to Las Vegas accompanied by The Thin White Duke!

For a sneak preview of the story, join the talkaboutcomics chat Saturday, February 22 at noon Eastern time! Click here for a webpage version of the chat room.

The latest episode of Odd Jobs is available for free at Moderntales.com or visit Odd Jobs! Continue Reading