Odd Jobs Story Now Available In Paperback

“Something to Build Upon,” the second mystery/graphic novel by Tim Broderick, is now available in paperback.

“Something to Build Upon” is from Broderick’s webcomic series, Odd Jobs, which is currently published online by the subscription webcomic site Moderntales.com. Broderick’s third story for Odd Jobs–“Cash & Carry”, updates every Monday and Wednesday at both Moderntales.com and Thrillingdetective.com. The latest page is always available for free, but to read the entire story so far, you need to subscribe to Moderntales.com.

Now, the 240-page graphic novel – a complete, self-contained mystery story – is available as a 250-page print-on-demand (POD) book from Booksurge.com. POD technology enables a business like Booksurge to print a single book at a time at very low cost for both the printer and purchaser. Secure, online ordering can be found at their site.

To quote the forward by Thrillingdective.com’s Kevin Burton Smith:

“Oh, make no mistake, there is crime here, and violence, and detection, and all that other good stuff, but somehow Tim brings it all home, and makes it matter. That’s because he makes it happen to people you know, or people you could know. Something To Build Upon, the second story arc in his wonderful Odd Jobs series, revolves around, of all things, a young couple building their dream house. It’s about contractors and lawyers and cops and neighbours and friends and a slight, soft-spoken young man who does odd jobs for money – in other words, people who work for a living. That it also says some important things about love and friendship and hurt and what we’ve all got to do to survive is just gravy. For those of you willing to open your eyes – and your hearts – you’re in for a treat.”

Sequential Tart gave Odd Jobs a 9 out of 10 (excellent) rating in a January review.

Tim Broderick will be attending at least two conventions in 2004 with books to available for purchase:

– Love is Murder mystery conference in February, where he is scheduled to sit on a panel on e-commerce

– Chicago’s Wizard World in late summer.

Tentative plans for attending SPX and MOCCA are in the works (hasn’t talked to his wife about it yet).

For questions about the book or Odd Jobs, contact Tim Broderick at his Talkaboutcomics forum. For more about the Odd Jobs series, see this entry in the fantastic Thrillingdetective.com PI listings.