iPod Shuffle Giveaway Contest Ends This Weekend

This weekend is the end of the latest giveaway contest. This month’s giveaway is an Customized iPod shuffle to the lucky winner of their forum entry contest. What better way to store your art files and also relax with a few tunes? The iPod and all of the iPod packaging materials will be hand customized to match the website by Onezumi herself. The easy entry rules and announcement are here. For more info on the contest and site please “Read More”.

There is no hidden catch or crazy marketing scheme. Click here to see the privacy and usage policy. Onezumi and Harknell hate when they get spam, so they will NEVER spam you or sell your information. As always, all you have to do is read their site and be creative.

So who are Onezumi and Harknell and what do they do?

The Webcomic and the Onezumi Studios Store are owned and operated by Onezumi and Harknell’s company, Onezumi Studios LLC. Their regularly updated tutorials and discussion forums cover everything from Photoshop 101 to advanced computer installation and maintenance. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you can still join in on the other discussions on the forum, or simply enjoy the Webcomic.

Onezumi and Harknell have consistently made strong efforts to encourage and promote independent artists as an important demographic deserving of respect. Onezumi has worked professionally in high-profile corporate design, animation, and digital media. Using these skills, she has been active in the independent art scene since well before the beginning of Harknell is the other half of the creative team. He has been a strong voice in the IT industry since the late 80s, and specializes in custom computer arrangements for art and electronic music, as well as website design and maintenance.

Need help with something? They take tutorial requests. If that isn’t enough for you, they periodically hold workshops at many east coast creative events.