Orson Welles? Batman? Just Plain Wow!!!

As we as webcartoonists struggle for recognition and appreciation, it’s always interesting to see how our predecessors had to deal with some of the same issues we do.

So I was stunned to run across this story. It describes a proposed first-class, A-list Batman movie to be done by cinematic legend Orson Wells (yes, of Citizen Kane and War of the Worlds) in the mid ’40’s. And check out the list of actors signed to play the villians!!!

It also describes the difficulties in the mainstream perception of comics, not only in completing the movie, but also in keeping the extensive archive of preproduction work from the public for so long.

Mark Mekkes

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  1. I think all this material should be used to make a comic, either a limited series or an Elseworlds issue, probably in black and white (and gray), and with characters resembling the actors that were going to play them…

    Well, what do you think?

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