Overlooked Press Release Cavalcade #2: Carpe Chaos Comics

Jason Bane wrote in to tell us that he's the editor for Carpe Chaos, a webcomic site that launched on June 1st of this year:

Carpe Chaos is an independent science-fiction space opera about five alien races who learn to travel between stars, and it focuses on the ways their cultures collide and how they work to solve their problems. There's no one "hero story" that follows a single character throughout his or her transformative journey, but instead a series of short stories that all take place in the same galaxy (and the stories span thousands of years). There are six stories so far, and while the first five are only one chapter long, the latest comic, Rising Up will run for four chapters. 

The site publishes a new chapter each month.  I gave it a quick look, reading the story "Strength in Numbers" and it's promising.  Certainly the art is nice and I like the idea of short stories set in a shared universe without necessarily having to follow one long narrative.  It uses Flash for presentation and you get a "pages turning" effect with the "feel" of a comic book — which is a plus or minus depending on whether you like that kind of thing.  

UPDATE – in the comments someone posted a link to an non-flash html version of the comics.


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