Overlooked Press Release Cavalcade: Inkbot Comics

Inkbot is an anthology site for webcomics that sent me a few press releases this month.  I like its mission statement – one new title a month and only creator-owned comics.  Inkbot says it does not retain any rights to the comic (other than presumably a license to display online).  Founder Christian Rubiano sent me a blurb on two webcomics: Odessa — historical fiction centered around the question "What if the Nazi's won WWII, and what if Americans helped them do it?" and self-described as an examination on race relations, propaganda, and geo-politics; and American Ambition — a comedy which features the last remnants of a once-great superhero team.

For the most part, and not to pick on Rubiano, standard press releases are kind of boring to a news site. Try to find something interesting about your comic project and RIGHT NOW that makes it especially interesting and compelling for someone to write about it instead of anything else that day.


Xaviar Xerexes

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