Ownership/Management Changes at Creature Feature Comics

There have been some conflicting reports out of the in-development subscription site, Creature Feature Comics, but this week new publisher Rich Stone posted a message on the site that adds some (not much, but some) clarity to the situation:

Things are underway my friends. As some of you may have noticed there has been a shift in management and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience over the past few days. Things are going swimmingly now and I am grateful for the quick responses I have received. I will keep everyone posted as the project develops, features are added, and comics are received.

CFC seems to be modeled after Modern Tales but we’ve yet to uncover significant additional details about the business plan for creators or for potential subscribers. In the meantime, CFC has posted a note that they currently plan to launch sometime this summer.



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  1. The situation is simply this. Former CFC publisher Chad Welch decided to leave CFC topursue other interests. Rich (new CFC publisher Richard Stone) stepped up to the helm to make sure that, after months and months of hard work by all concerned, the “S.S. Creature Feature Comics” stayed the course.

    The improvements and additions that Rich made to CFC were immediatel noticeable to evryone both within the CFC family of creators and to the scifi/horror faithful anxiously awaiting the arrival of Creature Feature Comics, the new haunted house on the block. The term “new and mproved” is over used these days, so lets just say that the “new” Creature Feature Comics is, ugh–“New and improved, with 33% more rich chocolatey Creature Feature goodness for your enjoyment”. How’s that? LOL.

    And with several new additions to the CFC lineup, most noteably Barb Lien Cooper (from the Sequential Tart) and her husband Park Cooper (from Silver Bllet Comics), contributing several new and exciting additons to the CFC line up of scifi/horror comics all designed to chill the nerves, tingle the spine, and tickle the funny bone as well, Creature Feature Comics will be the birth place of many a readers nightmare.

    The creeps come out this summer on Creature Feature Comics. And remember, Creature Features features–CREATURES!!!

    Creature Feature Comics

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