Penny Arcade Expo Tomorrow!

The first webcomic to host its own large-scale convention, Penny Arcade’s Penny Arcade Exposition (PAX) opens its doors tomorrow morning. 1,337 gaming aficionados have pre-registered for this massive event taking place in Bellvue, WA. Attendees can expect two days packed to the gills with games! Role-playing, board, card, and of course, video games will be well represented.

Playing games and gaming tournaments will also be supplemented with speakers, panel discussions, musical guests (featuring the likes of The Minibosses and the official Penny Arcade poet laureate MC Frontalot), raffles, and vendor displays. Microsoft (XBOX), Ubisoft, nVidia, and more exhibitors all have a space at PAX. This high-class industry recognition is a telltale sign of what to expect from this weekend’s soiree.

Last year’s runaway success of their Child’s Play donation drive was the stuff of legends. According to a recent Seattle Times article, an estimated $35,000.00 was spent setting up this year’s PAX. A quick peek at the PAX FAQ tells of plans for next year’s convention. The Penny Arcade creators are at the top of their game, and they’re working hard to stay there.



  1. Is anyone going / gone / wanted to go?
    Personally, I think I’d have a blast challenging everyone to Guilty gear XX!

  2. Isn’t this the first year for PAX? If so, then it’s not the first webcomic to host its own convention: Though it *is* the first to host a convention that isn’t also a pajama party.

    Of course, PAX is also a slightly larger affair than the other webcomic convention…

  3. I was looking for some other instance of a con like this, but couldn’t find one. Going to the zoo… is a little different. 🙂 In any event, I modified the text slightly to include a modifier.

  4. …yeah, if Narbonicon counts, then so does CRFH’s annual BoardieCon.

  5. I’m going to be there. But this is mostly going to be about games and not comics. 😀


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