Penny Arcade’s Child Play Charity Dinner Raises 82 100 USD

The Penny Arcade reports that their Child’s Play Charity Dinner were held on December 13 and raised 82 100 USD. The meter on the Child’s play site shows that more than 200 000 USD has been raised so far.




  1. But after raising the money they went outside and insulted old people.

    tsk tsk Penny Arcade. tsk tsk

  2. I think the Child’s Play site needs to be updated. It was hovering above 200k a few days ago.

    Man-o-man. 82k in one evening…


  3. I think that is awesome! Wow, between this and Webcomic Hurricane relief, WOW, webcomics have raised over 100,000 this year of charity! — Of course, not to take Penny Arcade’s credit to being WEBCOMIC people who raised money, of course it was their fans and gamers alike— but still, PennyArcade IS a webcomic!

    Way to go Gabe and Tycho! You get the Yirmumah thumbs up for the year!

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