Pent Up Pin-up Events

There are special events and there are special events.

I just noticed that the Comic Genesis folks held a KeenLace event this past February, resurrecting it from its last installment in 2003. 

I was never much of a fan of these type of "pin-up"  events (which also include Bikini-Keen or whatever it was called) simply because there’s so little to it really.  There’s no creative challenge to meet, nor any unusual collaboration between creators or characters, and there’s nothing particularly inventive about the "pin-up" topic itself (the recent Batgirl LJ meme was a notch higher on that scale although not much).

What happened to massive cross-over storylines involving almost all of the characters on KeenSpace Comic Genesis like Damonk’s nutty cross-over event?  Now that was a special event…

Xaviar Xerexes

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