Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, my name is ...Hi, my name is …

My name is Logan DeAngelis, and I’d like to thank Xaviar for inviting me to be guest Blogger here on Comixtalk this week! Now cue the deafening chorus of comic creators and readers booming across The Internets – millions of voices suddenly crying out in terror, as it were – asking … just who the hell is this guy?

Let’s skim over the basics. I’m a Jersey guy, born and bred and I suppose I have more than my fair share of all that dubious honor would imply. An avid game geek and self admitted nerd, I’d rather eat glass than spend 10 minutes at a baseball game, and I love comic books. I grew up as a kid reading Silver Age DC (memorized Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Oath as soon as I could read) then did my stint as a Marvel zombie in high school devouring Walt Simonson Thors and Frank Miller Daredevils.

But it wasn’t till I got a job in a comic book store in college that I was exposed to the beautiful underbelly of the indie comic scene and my life was changed forever. Cerebus. Grendel. Love & Rockets. With words that cut you like a rust-flecked razor, and stark black and white imagery that hit you between the eyes like a zip-a-tone sledgehammer, I was in love suddenly with a whole different kind of comic book.

Smartass kid from Jersey, oh what a bitch of a mistress you picked.

This story is like so many others, and maybe very similar to many of you readers’ stories. So I’ll wrap up this brief intro now, and continue tomorrow when things started getting a bit more interesting and my first comics came to life online.

Until then,