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Okay quick question here: Pop Matters has a new "PopComix" section which is publishing the archives of Diesel Sweeties, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Out Of My Head, Scary Go Round and Wigu as if these webcomics were just starting today (i.e. with the first one). I assume these creators gave PopMatters permission to do this (Or should we ask them? R? Jeff?) and assuming these creators gave PopMatters the go ahead to do so wWhy start at the beginning of the archives as opposed to picking up from the current day? It's not like PopMatters readers can't go check out the archives at each of these webcomics' own sites.

Also on a grumpy publisher note (that would be me – the grumpy publisher…) I love the chutzpah of PopMatters' submission page where they explain contributors don't get paid:

Note: We are unable to pay you for your work at this time, but you will not go entirely uncompensated; your 'pay' is the opportunity to address our readership, currently 1 million-plus unique readers per month and counting. Some of our writers have been called upon for their opinion by such media outlets as the BBC, NPR, MSNBC, Radio Australia, and VH1. Also, USA Today.com, Alternet.org, and Movies.com have regularly picked up links to PopMatters articles and posted quotes from PopMatters writers.Â


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