Post-Turkey Day Foggy Mountain News Breakdown

In GAMING CULTURE, Joystiq’s gaming webcomic roundup this week features a poll.

Also, Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity continues to draw favorable press, this time a short piece at Games First.

In I MIGHT HAVE MISSED IT, Seven Seas Entertainment announced earlier this month that it would be publishing three webcomics in full-color trade paperbacks next year. The webcomics include: Chugworth Academy by Dave Cheung and Jamal Joseph Jr., Earthsong by Lady Yates, and Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton.

Also, the Carnegie Mellon University paper reviewed Toothpaste for Dinner by Drew, calling it “one of the funniest comics on the Web to date”.

UPDATE: Also, missed this note from Bill Mudron that he is shelving work on his Pan series for possibly a couple of years. Here’s hoping Mudron finds a way to make a living doing comics so he can return to this great webcomic.

LAST IN THE NOT A WEBCOMIC BUT PRETTY COOL DEPT: I may have linked to this before, but this webpage that allows you to doodle online is a lot of fun. (link from LinkMachineGo)


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