“You’ll Have That” in Your College Paper

Wes Molebash and Viper Comics are offering the webcomic You’ll Have That to college and alternative newspapers for free! But they need your help!

Help us get YHT in your college newspaper or alternative newspaper! All you gotta do is send me the name of the publication in which you’d like to see YHT appear, the name(s) of the editor(s), and a contact address (e-mail and/or physical). The Viper guys and I are cooking up a little packet to offer YHT to these publications for free!

If you’d like to help out even more, e-mail your favorite publications and tell them to check out YHT. With your help we should be able to get YHT into a few college papers and spread fresh, comicky goodness to all the professional students out there.

You can e-mail me at “wesmolebash(at)gmail(dot)com”.