Preview of T Campbell Book on History of Webcomics

I think this is officially the first print spin-off of Comixpedia! In a manner of speaking. Of course I’m speaking of T Campbell’s book reworking and expanding on the series of articles he first wrote for publication here. (Note: I should clarify that Comixpedia and myself have no direct involvement with T’s book. Contributors to Comixpedia keep their copyrights and the book is a T Campbell project.) He has a a preview of the cover and a slight kerfluffle going over whether he can use it or not. Apparently, Campbell does not have specific permission to use this image (although he has permission to use other images from the artists in question) and is asking for help in contacting Fred Gallagher, Scott McCloud, Terry Colon, Mike Krahulik and Charley Parker to rapidly resolve the issue. Updates: A self-described rant on this subject and T’s book more generally from Scott Kurtz. Also, a criticism from Rodney Caston on the book’s coverage of Megatokyo (Caston was a co-creator in the early days of Megatokyo.) On his blog, T Campbell indicates that he’s now received permission from all of the creators except for Scott Kurtz for his book’s cover art (and will change that part of the cover art) and he also responds here to Caston’s post.

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