A Softer World To Be Collected in Print Edition

Joey Comeau recently announced on his blog that A Softer World, the webcomic he co-created with Emily Horne, is destined for a print collection this summer.

Third, Emily [Horne] and I have been hard at work for a month now, putting together "A Softer World: Truth and Beauty Bombs" which will be released on Loose Teeth Press, hopefully for June. This will be a perfect bound, wonderful collection. It will collect every Softer World strip, with extra strips written just for the book, and it’s all we can think about, day in and day out.

The webcomic is done in a traditional 3 panel newspaper strip style, but eschews illustration for Horne’s photography that is framed and manipulated to enhance the contemplative aspects of the photography. Overlayed on the images is Comeau’s words which indirectly comment on the image and often gives the reader pause and/or a humoristic punchline. Consider it a Far Side for the contemplative type.

Xaviar Xerexes

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