Print Comics go Online Interactive

Not satisfied with the ending of the comic you’re reading? Go to the Internet to read another ending. As the Small Press Magazine reported, Kameelman Comics will be offering digital alternate endings for its print comics. Fans will be able to access the endings via an online password protected area at no charge. According to Publisher, Jill Legleiter, A1 Oregon Publishing, who owns Kameelman Comics, will begin offering alternate endings to the comics in order to make the comics much more interactive. This also gives the writers a chance to present all those ideas they would have ordinarily tossed out.

“Our plan for the alternate ending is to use the latest technology to make comics interactive, deliver more value to our fans, and give readers another reason to try the Kameelman comic book. Putting in the Easter egg is pure fun! In the future you will see us getting even more creative with the (Easter) eggs! But I can’t say more at this point.”

To read the entire article, head over to the Small Press Magazine.

Jamie Robertson