Project Wonderful Updates

I hadn’t messed with Project Wonderful settings on my websites in awhile so some recent updates there were news to me.  Anyone else run into these lately?  Thoughts and anecdotes to share?

1.  Tougher Restrictions to Get In:  Now even with a user account at PW you still have to submit additional websites for review before you can create an ad box for them.  There are some guidelines here for the minimums to get accepted.  It sounds fairly objective to me and it’s not a very high hurdle for any website that is alive and functioning.

2.  Tougher Standards for Staying In:  It also looks like PW is now concerned with ad performance and will remove a site from the program if it’s performance is lacking.  Again it’s not a particularly tough standard – read more for the email from PW:


Delisting is automatic for any ad box that has received an average of less than 10 unique page views per day AND an average bid less than $0.01 per day over the past 7 days. In viewing the history of your ad box (available here:, you can see that your ad box currently sits beneath these minimum thresholds. This message is to inform you that if it’s still beneath them 7 days from now, it will be delisted. However, the good news is that increasing either one of these factors will prevent your ad box from being delisted! We encourage you to try out some of the tips below.

If you have more than one slot in your ad box (or more than one ad box), you can try to:
* Reduce the number of available ad spaces by resizing your ad boxes to make them smaller, or by deleting extra ad boxes. This can raise your bid prices! This article from our help system describes how this works:
* Put the same ad box on multiple page of your site, rather than separate ad boxes for each section. This allows your ad box to reflect your overall site traffic, which can increase the unique page views recorded and attract more advertisers.

If you already only have one ad box with a single ad slot (1×1), you can focus on techniques to increase traffic to your site:
* Raise awareness of your site by participating actively in the web communities you visit, with your site’s link in a signature. If your contributions are genuine, people will get curious about your site and a following will begin to form.
* Turn your ad box revenues into a small advertising budget on Project Wonderful to reach a new audience.

And finally, any minimum bids you’ve set might be hurting your earning potential. This may seem counterintuitive, but if the minimum bid on your ad box is above what the market is willing to pay, it’s unlikely you’ll get bids. Also, many advertisers like to check out a site while bidding is low, and then stay around as bidding is pushed higher again. If you remove or lower the minimum bid on your ad box, you may see better performance from it!

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