Quick Updates: Comings, Goings and Hey It’s Snowing Outside

It is in fact snowing in the greater Washington DC area this morning which will inevitably paralyze the entire town by sometime in the late morning.  A few links worth following this morning:

Forbidden Planet notes the ending of David Rees’ Get Your War On and has the last comic (h/t Journalista!)  Back in 2003, Michael Whitney reviewed Get Your War On for ComixTalk and we had a community interview with David Rees.

CBR reports that Last Kiss will be distributed to mobile phones via GoComics.comWednesday White reviewed Last Kiss for ComixTalk in 2004.

Damn God Comics reviews the recent revival of Ryan Estrada’s Aki Alliance.

The webcomic Curvy does in fact live up to its own tagline: A sexy sci-fi adventure comic for adults.  I stumbled onto this from it’s ad on another comic’s site — the art is kind of loopy and has nice use of contrasting black and white — it’s a very stylized approach to the visuals.  (it reminded me a touch of Tracy White’s TRACED).  Definitely NSFW even with the somewhat cartoony artwork.




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