PvP NOT Dropped by Kansas City Star

According to a news post made by Scott Kurtz, the Kansas City Star has not dropped PvP. Apparently, the Star sometimes does not have the space to run the comic in the tech section, which means it gets left out of that issue.

Kurtz also talks about “phase two” of his free syndication scheme, providing a “family friendly” version of PvP and the problems that that entails.

You would not believe what has to be edited out. I can’t even say “God.” If Brent says “God, that’s awful.” it must be changed to “Man, that’s awful.”




  1. Sounds like some one is in the spin zone.
    This should be a NO SPIN ZONE.

  2. It’s a free advertisement scheme, not a free syndication scheme.
    GOD! MAN!

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