Quick Hits for Wednesday

Look at the sweet new cover art for forthcoming Scary Go Round book.

The magazine Stuff plugs AlP.

And I finally got a chance to check out Misfit’s Journey, which is an autobiographical tale by Ben Adams about a period in his life right after he lost a teaching assistant job at graduate school. Although I wish Adams had picked more expressive events to “show” his story better, he does a good job of conveying the vulnerability and angst about his future he was feeling – something I suspect many folks can relate to in someway or another.

Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. All of that computer art stuff just looks off to me. Looks like he spent a lot of time on it though.

  2. Xaviar …

    Belated thanks for the compliments on Misfit’s Journey. I agree with your criticism that I should have dramatized some of the events in the story more. In particular, I think this applies to pages 5 and 6. (The material on these two pages should should have been stretched out over more pages.) I’ve posted some more thoughts on this in a thread on The Comics Journal Message Board here.

    I think the series is off to a strong start. It’s generated more interest than I thought it would.

    Some people have said very nice things about the 3d art, while others clearly weren’t into it. I’m going to be working on finessing the art in the weeks and months to come and will be interacting more with the various online 3d art communities.

    I’m proud of the first episode of this series, but I think the second episode will be even better!

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