Rich Burlew Quits His Dayjob

Rich Burlew, creator of The Order of the Stick, has announced that he is quitting his dayjob to do OOTS fulltime. This as a result of getting more than 2000 preorders for the OOTS compilation.

News found through Websnark.

In other OOTS related things, this thread in the buzzForum was initiated after OOTS got linked by Penny Arcade in January. Getting linked by a bigger comic can be quite beneficial as Burlew mentions.

I know a lot of you guys are interested in how much of a bump the Penny Arcade link gave me, so I’ll pull aside the curtain and show you some statistics. All of these numbers are unique IP addresses on my new strip page.

Strip Update days:
Dec 23rd: 21,956
Dec 27th: 22,344
Dec 30th: 26,309
Jan 3rd: 29,751 (Strip-a-day for one week begins)
Jan 4th: 24,071
Jan 5th: 24,904
Jan 6th: 34,006
Jan 7th: 30,354
Jan 10th: 36,178
Jan 12th: 44,948 (No new strip, but PA links late in the day).
Jan 13th: 62,886
Jan 17th: 39,421
Jan 20th: 39,555

So, I was pulling in a solid 25,000 uniques visits through December and early January, and was creeping up on averaging a litle more than 30,000 when Penny Arcade hit. They gave me a good 50,000 unique visitors in three days, I estimate, from that one link. While the hordes have moved on, it looks like about 7000-9000 people stayed behind and checked back on the strip’s next update.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A Penny Arcade link can be worth as many as 9000 additional readers per day.