R.I.P. Drew Hayes, Creator of “Poison Elves”

As reported by Newsarama and the Live Journal Poison Elves community: Poison Elves creator Drew Hayes died late last week of a heart attack while recovering from pneumonia. He was 37.

Hayes first launched Poison Elves as an independently published comic called I, Lusiphur. After garnering tremendous public support, he joined Sirius Entertainment in 1995 and relaunched the series under the new title of Poison Elves. The comic became known and widely popular for its very dark, cynical sense of humor, non-traditional anti-hero main characters, and absurd settings and NPCs, which ranged from an imp named Parintachin which hides in the main character's psyche to an underwear-clad, self-styled "superhero" called the Purple Marauder out to save the world from sin.

Hayes had suffered from ill health for much of the past five years. He was hoping to return to producing comics this year.



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