Ryan Estrada


  1. This is a misleading story as written. I mean it’s cool that Ryan’s starting an LJ comic and all, but this article reads like it has an official tie-in to LiveJournal. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t. It’s also far from the first LJ-only comic…there are what, dozens? More? Am I incorrect about any of that?

    Nevertheless, congratz and good luck Ryan. Having an LJ mirror of my strip has been one good channel for growing traffic, though I am not sure I’d put my whole comic there. Maybe you’d be willing to write up your experiences in a little while and compare them to your more traditional webcomic hosting? I’d be curious.

  2. Nope, Ryan was actually contacted by the LiveJournal staff for this project, I’m pretty sure. Either way, it’s definitely been sanctioned by Livejournal.com, and is an official project for the site itself, not just a comic being hosted there.

  3. Yes, Frank is an officially sanctioned Livejournal comic, and will be linked to on the LJ front page. A lot of people have been asking about that, so I’ll add some sort of a clarification.
    And there are far more than dozens of LJ-only comics.
    The article wasn’t meant to read as though the content and delivery means were anything new, it’s just being marketed to a large audience. Kind of like a smaller version of the “Penny Arcade Presents” comics. I’m adapting their mascot into a comic strip.

  4. Ah, well then that’s quite a coup!

    Major congratz!

    Care to reveal any details of the deal? Any money changing hands? Enquiring minds want to know…

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