Saving the Universe for Minimum Wage

The cult classic Mojo Mechanics that follows Ajax Sterling and his space hippo partner Bippy traversing the galaxy in search of love, adventure, and a paying job is now appearing at WebComicsNation.

Ajax Sterling and Biptholomew Amphibious (“Bippy”) are deepspace mechanics for Mojo Repair, the most accredited fixit outfit in the galaxies. They answer distress calls in the nether regions of space and do their best to make a buck.
Ajax Sterling and Bippy the Space Hippo have been selected from among thousands of mechanics working for Mojo Repair, Inc. to make up the first experimental deep-space repair team in history. Normally, every planet has its share of mechanics who will come when called to fix whatever needs fixing. But, now, Mr. Mojo, the CEO, has decided to take this idea of making house calls one step further, by creating a team of mechanics who go to the most dangerous and far-flung corners of the universe in pursuit of broken toasters, burnt out fuses, malfunctioning death rays, and whatever they can find. Ajax and Bip are never sure what they will encounter when they make a call, because they are going to planets where no one has ever gone before. The customer may be a satellite infested with giant cockroaches that have eaten through not only the wiring but the inhabitants of the satellite as well. The customer may be an army whose mammoth laser cannon won’t turn on. Or the customer may be another spaceship whose crew has long since died and is lonely for some company. Ajax and Bip rarely get paid for the work they do – usually they’re too busy avoiding getting eaten, killed, blown up or otherwise molested.

Syndication of the critically acclaimed series has already begun at WebComicsNation. Come on by…