San Diego Comic Con – An Introduction

Hi. I'll be your co-guest blogger for the next few days for San Diego Comic Con.

As a one of the guest bloggers for this event and also a San Diego native, I'm so happy to see the success of the event grow over the last few years and start to be taken seriously by the media. When you look at attendence records being broken every year, it's a wonder why the media still portrays the event as place where Klingons, hobbits and the spandexed wander. In actuality, it's a celebration of pop culture: where film and television stars promote their show/film, new talent is discovered and deals are made in the shadow of an inflatible Pokemon.

I've been presonally attending for more than a decade. Time flies when you're having fun. I've come from being an attendee to an co-exhibitor helping Paul Horn (creator of Cool Jerk) promote is online comic strip for the last three years. Being behind the table, things are different but I'm it would be much more different it it were my creation I was promoting. There would be that drive to promote the strip, the constant talking to people and luring them into your table just to get a second for them to look at the stuff while there are other bigger things that can possibly lure them away. But being a co-exhibitor usually means being back up while the creator is getting food or taking a break.

So over the next few days, I'll be covering what it's like to be behind the table and do my fair share of walking. I'll be taking a lot of photos and have a budget of $100 – hopefully I'll use my money and time wisely.