San Diego Comic Con -Thursday (photos)

Things are starting to rev up for the big attendence spike on Saturday and I still haven't managed to walk the entire floor – a feat I plan to accomplish today.

Here is a photo gallery of things seen on Thursday:

Mystique. I can't imagine what her shower looks like at the end of the day.

Snakes On A Plane exhibit. People walk into the mouth to view items from the film.

Scott Shaw! and Sergio Aragones doing fan sketches.

Arthur Baltazar and Franco Aureliani of Patrick the Wolf Boy pimping their table at the Small Press Pavilion. And Arthur Baltazar's sketch of me.

Dueling Jedi in front of the Darkhorse area.

The immaculate white Peanuts booth.

Bunny toy for sale.

Close up of the Stasis display.

Top Shelf book area.

James Kochalka signing a few books.

Snake Eyes and a french maid… with ears??

Crowd spill into the Gaslamp Quarter after Thursday's closing.

More photos to come for Friday…


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