Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Yup. The Modern Tales panel was the ONLY PANEL IN THE WHOLE CONVENTION PROGRAM where the panelists liked one another and appreciated one another’s work … um … yeah, that’s just awful.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the Keenspot panel, and certainly see lots of room for improvement in the MT panel for next year!


  2. Irate keenspotters rushing to defend their panel’s “trainwreck” in 3… 2…

  3. Wow, a cliche I haven’t seen since I last checked Fark a couple of minutes ago. I suppose the Modern Tales panel, with all its backpatting, was just super compared to the Keen panel.

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