Modern Pulp Comics artist brings original tale to Creature Feature Comics

Artist Darrin Stephens, who’s dazzling artistry is showcased on the Modern Pulp Comic “Lucifer Fawkes”, brings an original scifi tale to Creature Feature Comics ( called “FireAnt”.

“FireAnt” is the story of a dangerous caste system among slaves in a mining society at the center of the earth who mine the precious ore known as “Life Gems” which are crucial for the survival of the slaves’ rock-like molten overseers known simply as “The Masters”. One slave (Fireant) finds relics of a mythical society that existed beyond the darkness and the caves at the earths core. A place of sunshine and wide open spaces called “The Surface”. Given hope for the very first time in life, Fireant becomes determined to find out if this mythic place exists–even at the cost of his own life.