Should We Have Talked About the Tsunami Disaster/Crisis on Comixpedia?

Randy Milholland wonders aloud about why webcomics aren’t talking about the Tsunami disaster nor doing anything to help with the relief effort.

I don’t have a sense today of whether that’s fair or not because I just don’t recollect seeing a lot of information on how to donate or auctions to raise money or anything about this tragedy on many webcomic sites this past week. But maybe I just missed it.

I also know Comixpedia has avoided it as well. In the past I have referenced news events in posts, sometimes as a means to provide a place to post information and webcomics in one place. I’ve never been entirely sure whether that was a good idea and since most of those posts did not draw a significant response from readers I’m not inclined to keep doing them.

The suffering and scale of this tragedy is almost unimaginable. If you have money to donate though you should. My wife and I did and while it wasn’t enough it was what we could do last month. I’m wondering if we can do a second donation this month (just not sure budget wise yet). There’s actually a lot of information on how and where to donate on Something Positive right now so that’s not a bad place to start.


Xaviar Xerexes

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